About contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.)

The art fair contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) intends to establish a strong regional art market for the Ruhr and its more than 5.3 million residents. Ever since its founding, C.A.R. has consistently re-invented itself, with new partners and participants joining every year as well as new participants from other European countries to make the fair more international.

The concept is designed to bring high-quality artists and movers and shakers of the art scene together in one place in order to highlight and enhance the attractiveness and uniqueness of this new art location.

Anyone abroard now can establish themselves, attract new customers and become a part of a new region for contemporary art.

One of the main objectives of C.A.R. is to offer their participants a pulsating platform and more chances for networking beyound the fast moving art fair sector.

After the successful participation as a cooperation project and official part of the programme of the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 we organize since 2011 only for participants of C.A.R. and additional to the two art fairs several exhibitions or events in Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Seoul or Paris.


C.A.R. is designed as a fair for discoverers that presents new perspectives in a communicative atmosphere: With an open exhibition space without the usual fair booths, art and communication will be the focus; communication barriers between participants and visitors are disappearing. Special exhibitions, events, symposia and workshops take place in conjunction with the fair.

What’s innovative about C.A.R.? C.A.R. revolutionizes the art world with a unique concept: Fair – offering all participants the same options and opportunity to showcase their works. Minimalist – with an open and puristic appearance. Pulsating – with ever-new insights into contemporary art trends.

By offering low fees for exhibitors and a contemporary exhibition concept, newcomers, avant-garde and established artists can all showcase their works at C.A.R. Both experienced and newer art collectors will be able to find pieces of interest – and discover something new at C.A.R.

C.A.R. consists of two annual events that have been taking place in several halls at Essen’s Zollverein World Cultural Heritage Site since 2006: the PHOTO/ MEDIA ART FAIR in spring and the fair for contemporary art in autumn. With both events in seven spaces, C.A.R. will present itself as an increasingly international art fair.

contemporary art ruhr is the only art fair that takes place twice a year – in summer and autumn – at the same location. It also organizes Germany’s first fair for media art and is the only fair for contemporary art to take place at a World Cultural Heritage Site.